Roadtrip? Find your inspiration here!

Are you in doubt about making a Roadtrip, or are you planning on making a Roadtrip but you are not sure about the destinations? On this inspiration page you find a number of example-Roadtrips, but also information about different cities in Europe. The city information is categorized by country and can be found within the example-Roadtrips. Get inspired and make the most out of your Roadtrip!


Here you can find a number of example-Roadtrips. With every example-Roadtrip we have a number of highlights, and from every city some specific information about sights and nightlife. This information can also be obtained through the individual city pages.

City information

Do you already know where you want to go, but you are not sure about what these destinations have to offer? You can search per country for the cities that you want to visit. From every city you can find detailed information about sights, nightlife and some general information. We also selected a number of good hostels and campings that are ideal for Roadtrippers based on location, price and facilities. Everything you need in one place!

Blogs by and for Roadtrippers!

Why you should go on a Roadtrip?

The Roadtrip is becoming a serious alternative for a lot of youngsters and students for the current vacation offerings. These young adolescents are looking for more adventure and experience that go further than lying on the beach and walking to the supermarket. A good party and a nice day on the beach is something that every vacation needs, and that is what makes a Roadtrip so unique and fun. You can combine a party vacation with seeing a lot of different cities and during your trip you can truly experience the culture of a country.

However, making a Roadtrip can be a little bit scary for young people. There is uncertainty about the trip and a lot of stuff you need to take care of. This uncertainty is what we want to take away by offering our customers all inclusive Roadtrips. You can rent a good quality 9-person van with transparant terms and conditions. Nowhere in the Netherlands you can find a cheaper van-rental combined with our excellent service. Also, all our vehicles are delivered with a safety package, extra drivers and vehicle occupants insurance.

Making a Roadtrip is something you and your friends will remember the rest of your life. You will come home with great stories that make your family and friends jealous. Going on a Roadtrip with a rental car or van is a excellent alternative for the current vacation offering.

Daarom een Roadtrip!