About GoRoadtrip

About GoRoadtrip


When we were younger we used our summer vacations to travel to places that were not ‘standard’. We did this with a group of 8 good friends. During our Roadtrip to Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Czech Republic in 2011, France, Spain and Portugal in 2012 and Germany, Poland, Romania and Austria in 2013, an idea started to grow. In the mean time we gathered a rich amount of experience during our Roadtrips through Europe, and we were eager to share our knowledge and experience with the rest of the world.

“A Roadtrip is something you’ll never forget and we got inspired during our trips to start with GoRoadtrip”



We had two reasons to start with GoRoadtrip. The first one is that we want to offer all youngsters an alternative for the current standard vacation offerings. We try to inspire and inform young adolescents and students about all the advantages of going on a Roadtrip. We want to show them that going on a Roadtrip has so much more to offer compared to taking a plain to a destination where you stay 14 days in the same spot. Going on a Roadtrip is an unforgetable experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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“Transparant means transparant;
We do not have hidden costs”

On the other hand, GoRoadtrip offers a refreshing alternative within the old fashioned and conservative car rental market. During our time as a student we concluded that there is a need with both younger and older customers for a more transparant and cheaper rental-concept for renting a good vacation-car or 9-person van. That is why we decided to start renting out our own vehicles in a way that customers find comfortable. No quick short term profits, but satisfied customers in the long run.

The GoRoadtrip concept is an all-inclusive rental concept without hidden costs. The customer is well informed about costs and terms and conditions, so he or she is not confronted with unknown costs after the rental period. GoRoadtrip believes in personal contact with their customers, and you can ask us everything (about Roadtrips…). We maintain an intensive email and call relationship with our customers. That is the reason why we have grown to become a successful and complete car rental.

GoRoadtrip always innovates with new labels like 9persoonsbusje.nl and studentlease.eu
we hope to take care of our customers even better, quicker against lower prices!