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About GoRoadtrip



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At the beginning of 2014, GoRoadtrip.nl went online as a platform for young people looking for a passenger car or van to make a Roadtrip or tour through Europe. From our own experiences with renting a car or van as a young driver, designing a route and good preparation for the trip, GoRoadtrip Car and Bus rental has arisen.

Over the years, GoRoadtrip Car and Bus Hire B.V. has grown into an all-round rental company with a strong focus on the rental of passenger buses. Since our establishment, transparency, customer focus and innovation have been of paramount importance to us and we try to do that a little better every day! The fleet has now grown to 150 vehicles and young and old people know how to find us for a good deal for the rental of a passenger bus or car.

“You will never forget a Roadtrip again, and during our Roadtrips we were inspired to found GoRoadtrip”


Our Customers

GoRoadtrip.nl still is the online platform where young and old orient themselves for transport during his or her vacation. The customer rents from us from 18 years without surcharges and all our prices always include additional passenger insurance, extra drivers and breakdown assistance throughout Europe. Transparent without hidden costs afterwards.

In addition, more and more private and business customers are finding their way to our company outside of the holiday periods. For many organizations, GoRoadtrip has become a permanent rental partner for short-term temporary mobility. We also serve business customers and long-term renters through our label A.H. Autogroep. For more information, visit www.ahautogroep.nl.

“More and more business customers know where to find us, and we serve them through our subsidiary company A.H. Autogroep”


Unique way of working

Since our establishment, it has been possible for our customers to collect a rented vehicle outside our head office in Utrecht at one of our eight pick-up points throughout the Netherlands. There are no physical offices or desks at these pick-up points, but we arrange the issuance and intake of feeding spouts at the kiss & ride parking lot of train stations.

With this unique method we guarantee national coverage and there is always a GoRoadtrip pick-up point close in your area. In addition, we promote our Collection and Delivery service whereby the rented vehicle is delivered to the customer’s door at a small additional cost and collected after the rental period.

“By transparent we mean really transparent; we do not have hidden costs”


The Green GoRoadtrip future

GoRoadtrip considers it important to contribute to a sustainable world. That is why it is possible to offset the CO₂ emissions of your trip through GoRoadtrip and our partner GreenSeat. Check the extra “Book a GreenSeat” when booking your vehicle. The CO₂ emissions of your journey are calculated based on the number of kilometers driven and on the basis of the GreenSeat calculator.
For a fee per kilometer we invest on your behalf in GreenSeat CO₂ reduction projects in India and Africa that have the Gold Standard certificate. In addition to reducing CO₂, these GreenSeat projects encourage sustainable and local development and an improvement in the living conditions of families in these countries. With this you give households in developing countries access to sustainable energy. These projects ensure that the amount of CO2 emitted is prevented elsewhere. This is how you combat climate change and help the local population. Read more about the projects below or look for more information on www.greenseat.nl.



Efficient wood ovens in Africa

One third of the world’s population is still cooking on an open fire. This leads to a lot of deforestation and health problems. Efficient charcoal ovens have therefore been developed in collaboration with the local population. The ovens combat climate change and at the same time improve the situation for the local population. The climate project invests in the production, distribution and sale of these efficient cookstoves for African households.



Bio gas Afrika

Biogas in Afrika

More than half of Africa’s population has no access to gas and electricity. Especially in the countryside there is a shortage of energy. Bio-digesters provide households with clean fuel for cooking and gas for lighting. This prevents smoke from the kitchen, health problems are reduced and it produces a fertile, organic residue, “slurry”, which is used as fertilizer in agriculture.



Windmolens India

Wind energy in India

Millions of Indian residents breathe heavily polluted air every day. One of the main causes of air pollution is the generation of energy through coal-fired power stations and the burning of wood for cooking. Thanks to our wind energy projects in India, the local households in often remote areas are supplied with stable and clean energy. This is how CO2 emissions are caused by polluting coal plants.